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  1. During her stay in Honolulu that privilege having let tended dui ing the vessels star in South America.

  2. High up among the towering snow peaks of the Andes you will find the condor the huge carrion vulture of South America.

  3. An Act To Authorize the Payment of the sum of twenty five Hundred Dollars in Settlement of the Postal Money Order Account with the Government of the United States of America.

  4. Austin Americas crack rifle shot rare an exhibition of his skill at Leicester England.

  5. And now God bless and hallow this spot of earthas a burial place for Americas patrols who periled their lives for their country.

  6. From these escaped animals have sprung the wild horses of America.

  7. America is full of temperance lecturers while in Europe none are to be met with except occasionally I poor dyspeptic American.

  8. Without question it is the handsomest watering place hotel in America.

  9. Short America is spoiling fora fight The vernal sunshine of prosperity has set the blood of our savage ancestors boiling in our veins and we are read to leave on reservations and go upon the warpath at the slightest provocation.

  10. To the pivoted patriotic women of America is largely due the accomplishment of these ends.

  11. She saw Maples in London soon after her return from America and promised him to keep free from other engagements until October 2nd to enable him to arrange certain guaranties.

  12. South America is again in a feverish state.

  13. The entire city of Ports I5isniarckts nt to America says mouth is underwater.

  14. President Arthur has been asked to head Si subscription list and everyman woman end child in America is invited to Fend in or more.

  15. Mexico and Central America their influx has been encouraged by grants of laud for special settlements some of which contrary to the custom with such settlements are said to have been very successful.

  16. He recast Surgical Science as taught in North America Formulated anew its Principles Enlarged its Domain Added to its Armand Imparted fresh Impetus to its study.

  17. A survey of the west coast of Central America is now being continued south and east of Sanjuan del Nicaragua.

  18. These are only a few of the rascals in ono city yonder in America who send their vile publications like so many reptiles crawling everywhere on their soul destroying work.

  19. I gayest that it would be well to make appropriation giving to the President to appoint a commission to career consider what the best interests of north America and th Isthmus Sorts re.

  20. It was started as an American newspaper and for the reason that American interests required an America a journal to look after them.

  21. The Christian has In tinies and the Lords Day is forgiven Memorial Days America has two memorial day July It and May with.

  22. European tourists are hastening back te America to participate in the ensuing election.

  23. It can no longer be said the writer remarks that it is only in America that gambling expressions are made use of by diplomatists and writers.

  24. I and anxious to return to my dear friends in America but they are making great efforts to keep me hereafter recovering from the shock Nilsson was driven to her residence in road Police.